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Beauty has a beginning — or how many needle strikes are needed to sew prototypes

Expanding technological capacities of production and markets enables us to achieve incredible new horizons in experimenting.


Surprising output - or how many hectares of leather are necessary to create only leather bags

Pavel Shakula

Procurement manager

If you have an interesting offer on supplies of leather and tools, contact me

Such area allows to grow so much wheat that you could bake almost 17 000 loafs of bread out of it.


We can’t get enough cutting. So how many cuts of the cutting machine does it take to prepare fits for all this volume?

It’s A LOT. Believe us.
If you don’t, read this.


Seamstresses’ job is scrupulous, intense and connected with huge energy output. The team of more than 200 people accumulates tremendous energy in workshops.

This energy is enough to boil a 25 meter swimming pool or treat every citizen of 1 000 000 population city with a cup of hot tea.

Quality Assurance

Triple check — or how many operations are needed to examine the quality of finished goods.

Area automatization allows us to double the quality assurance operations without extra time.


Every week, year after year, trucks with our products are dispatched. If we put the boxes one on top of another, we’ll get a tower.

Which is just a tiny bit lower than the highest mountain of Yakutia — Mus-Haya, its altitude being 2959 meters.